Faster Gastrostomy

Time is an important variable in the ICU - both in terms of delivering high-quality medical care and in terms of maximizing providers’ efficiency. That’s why it is important to provide exceptional care using state-of-the-art technology to improve patient outcomes while increasing physician as well as institutional efficiency. 

Increasing Patient Safety and Improving Outcomes

Any physician who has competed for prized space in an operating suite understands how delays in patient care can increase costs while impacting safety and compromising patient outcomes. The ability to perform a safe gastrostomy procedure at the patient’s bedside translates into more empowered clinicians and better patient care.

Percutaneous ultrasound gastrostomy (PUG), an ultrasound-based technology that eliminates the inefficiencies in clinical practice, puts the power into the hands of the critical care physician. PUG utilizes existing training on point-of-care ultrasound to enable critical care doctors and interventional radiologists to perform bedside gastrostomies. 

Benefits of Faster Gastrostomy

Physicians can appreciate a number of benefits associated with faster percutaneous ultrasound gastrostomy, including:

  • Eliminating scheduling challenges associated with operating room and anesthesiology teams for critical care patients
  • Streamlining treatment of critically ill patients by eliminating the need for transportation to the OR
  • Reducing the overall cost of the procedure due to the savings in OR charges and anesthesia fees

Just as the percutaneous tracheostomy procedure moved from the operating suite to the bedside, percutaneous ultrasound gastrostomy uses PUMA-G ultrasound technology, relocating gastrostomy to the ICU patient’s bedside.

PUMA-G technology is expected to undergo FDA review in June 2018 and to be available on the market in Fall 2018.

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