Alternative to Endoscopic Gastrostomy

Ultrasound Gastrostomy

Percutaneous ultrasound gastrostomy (PUG) enables quicker, easier gastrostomy tube placement with greater tissue visualization. 

PUG offers the opportunity to view critical anatomy and to perform safer, more successful gastrostomy procedures. By enabling visualization of tissue from the anterior stomach wall to the surface, the physician has a better view of the patient’s anatomy and can perform the procedure more effectively and with lower risk of complication. 

Quicker, Easier, Less Expensive and More Efficient

Compared to the total cost of PEG procedures, PUG reduces direct costs by as much as 50%, in addition to potential savings associated with reduced patient lengths of stay and increased administrative efficiency.

PUMA: A Better Solution

Invented by Dr. Steven Tropello, a critical care physician who was frustrated by the inefficiency of the current system, PUMA enables the critical care doctor to address patient needs directly (at the bedside), instead of coordinating multiple speciality teams. PUMA offers a single-use platform technology combining catheters, magnets and low-cost, point-of-care ultrasound for visual feedback in diagnostic, interventional and therapeutic procedures.  

Strong rare-earth magnets are used to manually guide device placement inside the human body, while real-time, low cost ultrasound provides visual feedback to the clinician to ensure safety. This platform technology aims to substantially reduce medical procedure costs while improving patient safety and patient outcomes.  

PUMA technology is expected to undergo FDA review in June 2018 and to be available on the market in Fall 2018.

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